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When I went away to school I was given my grandfather’s WWII pea-coat to wear. It was and is quite honestly one of my prize possessions. I wore it for many years until I noticed it was getting quite a bit threadbare. Too anxious that it should be ruined beyond repair, I stopped wearing it and it has hung in my closet ever since.

Shirt and Peacoat – note Walter’s name and serial number bleached into the lining, which has been repaired at the top by my grandmother Losee

After he passed away, I also came into possession of one of his navy shirts (behind the coat, above). Though, probably not the one he’s wearing below, it does have his name and serial number in it. I wore it to work just the other day!

Bertha M. Kilmer Hermans and son Walter C. Hermans in 1945

Honorable Discharge, 1 Apr 1946
Seaman Second Class, Walter Clayton Hermans
Post Office, Copake Falls, Columbia Co NY
Occupation, Park Superintendant, Taconic State Park Commission.

Walter C. Hermans Honorable Discharge, April 1st, 1946