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My Grampa Losee ran an apple orchard he inherited when his father (a country doctor by trade) died. Having previously been an engineer working at Bell Labs, grampa went about the science of raising apples very seriously. I own more color slides example of damage to apples than anyone has a right to. There will be quite a few more posts about this subject in the future, rest assured!

“Picking Kings” (Kings are apples, not people) October 4th, 1939

Being an avid photographer, Grampa Losee gave talks on the subject of apple farming complete with his own slideshows. I have a booklet for one these shows, titled “Apple Valley 1939-1951” listing all the slides used and one page of notes – he must have given this presentation without script.

“Inspector Amos” October 7th, 1939

The inside cover notes perhaps when and where he gave the talk: “Wappingers Falls Historical Society, 10/24/72 Stanford Grange @ Pine Plains School – Oliver Orton, Oct 1973 Friends of the Library – Starr Institute, 5/1/74 St. George’s School – Mrs. McMannis, 2/26/75 Rhinebeck Garden Club”

Page one is a list of points he must have used as his introduction to the show:
“Low C. Apple in Apples. Engineer Apple Grower. Half a farm – all in apples. No understanding of the “ecosystem”. Pictures mostly random interludes in the life of a fruit grower. Independent life. Only one task mistress – Dame Nature put Simon Legree to shame! Pictures span 12 years in the evolution of the apple industry.”

“McIntosh Culls” September 6th, 1939 (with Amos the dog driving the truck)