Today, two more views of downtown Poughkeepsie, NY. First, Main Street East from North Hamilton Street. I should note the modern image was taken on Veteran’s day which accounts for some of the desolation, but not all.

The November 2011 image on the left shows one building with 1871 on the very top of its facade (out of frame); the only structure that retains its character from the 1906 image on the right. Something I find interesting is the proliferation of wires in the 1906 view. Not only were there telephone/telegraph lines and electric lines running from pole to pole, you can also see the fine lines suspended between the streets which serviced the trolley.

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Below, Main Street looking East from Market Street. Beyond the non-descrip modern structure on the left in the 2011 image is an empty lot. On the wall of the structure beyond that you can see the ironic mural from yesterday’s post. Click here for the link.

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Illustrated and Descriptive Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Enterprise Publishing Co, Pougkeepsie NY 1906.