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April 5th, 1917

Balances off. G H L. Co talks of guarding central station using own men. Crude reasoning.

April 7th, 1917

Bal. off I – cash posted up to date. I readings posted.

April 8th, 1917

Easter Sunday. Elmer preached on “Arise America”

April 9th, 1917

Invited by Marion Fleming to attend High School society dance. Enjoyed same immensely. British are making gains.

April 10th, 1917

British drive still continues. Saw a dandy play “Capt. Kidd, Jr.”* funny, sentimental, fine.

*Made into a movie in 1919 with Mary Pickford, only 2 of 5 reels survive. Spoilers: the protagonists dig for treasure which turns out to be a note saying the “real” treasure is “the good health (they) will have from all of the exercise spent digging.”

April 11th, 1917

J.R. called on Wilson – offered his plan of volunteer army to go in advance of regular army. Col. Watterson writes a striking editorial advocating furtherance of J.R’s offer. “J.R. has a positive genius for the spectacular.”

Saartje note: Any WWI buffs got any idea who JR is?

Sun. April 15th, 1917

Congress – ie the House unanimously passed the 7 million war loan bill. Sat. Aunt Carrie arrived, that eve. I went out to Vassar to arrange meeting Sun.

Sun. A.M. went to Shear’s class then to hear Elmer on “Standards”. Helen V came for dinner – we went walking P.M. seems an agreeable all-round girl. Work statements off -began billing on 14th.

April 17th, 1917

Joined Provisional Company – given a good healthy setting up drill. Billed B on 16th. Posted same today.