Earl’s posts start to thin out… If you thought he was hard on himself when he started it, strap yourselves in…

June 27th, 2017

Since last writing, the Liberty Loan has been successfully floated, the U.S. & State drafts have been held & Gen. Pershing has arrived in France as well as over a thousand ambulance corp. & surgeons. The cry now is for air mastery – as the U.S. part of the war. Sunday last, a 2nd inspection was given me and Mon. I received notice that my eyes were not up to requirements. I am to receive an honorable dismissal and one month’s pay July 1st. Mother is very glad.

The office is beginning to employ girls as clerks. Miss Harlow has been there for 2 weeks thru my connivance. Miss Robinson, also. The NY-NM drilled in their new white suits this P.M. How lonely I am. Work at the office has gotten behind. I must collect the loose ends and forge ahead.

My chief needs are – as ever – self control and diligence.

August 25th, 2017

Russia is probably neglible (sic) from now on. She has been ever since the Revolution. Only once – under impetus of their seeming world figure – Keresnky – has she made any vigorous and successful campaign. The western front – optimistic reports notwithstanding, appears to be marking time. A new goal loan is to be floated shortly. The draft secured E Hunt and J Ryan. W Hannon exempted. W Sullivan & P Weiss not qualified. For the last 3 Fridays I have attended the dance at Clinton Corners – Wings – with Miss Robinson & J Weed. Have taken Sarah to Mt. Beacon as well as “The girl who smiles” and Neil & Brien’s Minstrels. S is intelligent, quick-witted and a jolly companion. Was in charge of office during H A Rowe’s vacation. Fairly successful. Have been lax lately and too distracted. Am also extravagant. Paid $100.00 on hospital bill on the 21st. Bad tempered and worse. Need more exercise – work-energy and enthusiasm – more ambition – more self control.

Mother is weaker and requires stimulants and sleeping powders. Was pleased to see Uncle Harry, but cried. Mrs. Fleming was in, also.