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February 1918

The facts and dates of the important events of this war are a matter of record. I will not attempt to duplicate them.

My impressions however, I will record. The men in our cantonements (sic) reaped the harvest of a hand to mouth-inert and little visioned govt. Policy. In its defense it has been said, with some accuracy, that the most radical of the war-preparationist advocates could not have made in the two years before our entrance to the war, a by any means suitable conception of our actual needs. We lacked the imagination. Our soldiers passed a severe fall and winter in the cantonements. Thousands died of pneumonia. Clothing as well as weapons were inadequate. Sect. of War Baker has thus far successfully maintained a position of confidence despite much adverse criticism.  He presents the strides taken – in glowing vein, and is far more clever than his critics and investigations leave him unruffled. He and the Pres. however are making some changes.

Pres. Wilson is making his position stronger than ever and has an immense hold on the people and even after some fighting (Overman Bill) on Congress. It is felt that Austria is under his influence and Count Czernin’s speach (sic) give some assurance to the view.*

The coal situation has been sever. For three successive Mondays, businesses have closed down – with one 5 day period.

The Gas & Elec have bad 2 to 5 men out – to keep track of, and trace coal shipments.

*Minister of Foreign Affairs, Austria-Hungary. Resigned April 1918 due to his “disclosure of peace activities of the monarch”. Oops.

Feb 17, 1918

Coal situation is now somewhat relieved. It was caused entirely to RR congestion – aided by snow storms and blizzards.

Sugar shortage is not over yet. Price is ten or tess, canada getting plenty for 15 c.

Took draft examination. Found I had a hernia. Within last month have kept work up at office and expect a considerable increase.

Met Francis Griffin. V. Hos. and have taken her to dances at Rutherfords and D of I. She is very lively, a flirtatious person and we quarrel constantly. I’ve found myself to be jealous, exacting, and sulky. We’re a bad match.

Have been going to choir practice and hope to improve my voice. Miss Harlow is good to me in playing whenever I ask her. We disagree in everything else. Dad is fine – but out of work. Sold two of my bonds for $214. And applied them on my bond acc’t.

Am trying to goad myself into writing a short story – conceited about my untried capabilities.

Was raised as a Mason in Jan. and have been initiated as Apprentice and Fellowcraft. Am working on my 2nd degree.

Sunday mornings before church, I go over to Trinity to hear Prof. Shear, an unusual and clever speaker of conviction. Wed evenings I go to YMCA for the supper & Dr. Lloyd’s bible class.

Thursdays I go to Rutherfords and Tuesdays to Vassar Institute.

But I am not preparing myself in a business or social way, whatever.