March 4th, 1918

Was raised to 3rd° of Masonry Wed. last. Booth’s comments on the chief role is interesting & true. The Boys of the Naval Militia are having a great time. Eng. France, the Mediterranean – some experience for a young chap.

Have no boy friends and keep my girl friends from 2 to 5 weeks. Cut Frances – jealous.

Went out some with Virginia Duncan – cut her – she broke a date. (Sore head!)

Balanced 2 out of 3 ledgers today.

Been reading Conrad – Young – End of the Tether. Immense good psychology, and character analysis.

Tues. March 5th 1918

Received the official examination returns.

Class A – 1. Rather glad of it – oddly enough! Have all ledgers in balance  – 2 posted up. Rec’d raise from 18.00 to 20.50 plus 10% bonus. (decidedly less than I at first expected – PAB three a crimp in the G Ex.)

Am preparing for a drive on the Coml Cas. for the sake of the $25 return for completion. Attended lecture on Japan.