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  1. Linda Hermans said:

    Somehow I did not know about this. Thanks!

  2. Allen F. Roberts said:

    Hello Cousins of the Losee side– Al Roberts here, son of Ruth Fraleigh Roberts, herself daughter of Curtis Fraleigh, he the brother of Rose Fraleigh Losee. Finding this website and its photos was a very happy surprise! Happy 2016– Polly & Al Roberts, Los Angeles

  3. Deborah Thomas Norling said:


    Thank you for this amazing bounty of historical goodies.

    I only recently discovered your site, after finding out that I am descended from Jacob Thomas of the historical old Red Hook Inn/Thomas House/Tavern, and while googling random bits and pieces discovered your treasure trove of history.

    You have given me quite a gift which has helped to fill in a chapter or two of my Dad’s heritage which was a bit of a mystery due to the estrangement of my paternal Grandpa.

    I also discovered a 2nd cousin on your blog, after she thanked you in 2016 for your great work, though sadly, she has passed away , which I found after “googling ” her name, was hoping to exchange info with her, still it gave me another name and subsequent names to add to the family tree.

    I look forward to sifting through the archives whether or not they pertain directly to my family.



    Deborah Thomas Norling

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