Who’s Newt, Anyway?

I should explain the mysterious title of the blog, huh?

My name is not Newt. ^_^

Hold ‘er, Newt is an old farmer’s phrase which basically means look out/be careful which supposedly derives from wrangling horse-drawn farm equipment when the horses went out of control. “Hold’er, Newt! She’s a headin’ for the pea patch!” Newt either being the horse or the driver, I’m not sure. I used this phrase when visiting my cousin Ron Losee out in Montana a couple years ago when a screen door flew open while we were taking steaks out to the grill. He was about to turn 90 and exclaimed something like “now that’s a Dutchess County saying I haven’t heard in a long while!”

I thought I’d like to have a place to post various musings about northern Dutchess County, NY which my family has called home for over 200 years. I have collections of color slides, letters, newspapers, family bibles etc. which can provide a steady stream of content for years to come.

The social/historic ephemera posted here will be regional and dated; from northern Dutchess County, NY and from at least 30 years in the past and going back to the first European settlers of the area.

13 thoughts on “Who’s Newt, Anyway?”

  1. Netochka Nezvanova said:

    I was just thinking the other day about my friend and how much she needed to have a hobby…

  2. Discovered this blog today looking up something….excellent job! I grew up in Montana but have called Dutchess my home since 1976, following 7 wonderful years in NYC. All three places are very dear to me.

    • Saartje said:

      Hi, Valerie! Thanks for your kind words. This is Sarah Hermans from the DAR and this is my goofy blog~ I’m glad you like it.

      • Judith L Koenig said:

        Hello Sarah. I have just spent the last 2 hours looking at Bertha May Hermans and all your Losee works too . What fun to read Mr Munros poem and see photos of family. Thanks to you past is present!

  3. My name is Nute and for years I have heard the saying, hold er down nute your headed for the rhubarb, thanks for clearing this up

  4. My oldest sister and the owner of farm I had my first job on both used the saying quite a bit. They claim they got it from a book the were reading. Where thete was a boy in the group of characters and they called him newt.

  5. Sara Spengler-Campanella said:

    I was so excited to find (and read) your article about William Stewart and Catherine Rowe (Rau). My grandmother was Ruth A. Bruyette (nee Smith) and my mother was Doris Marie (nee Bruyette) Spengler and are descended from that line.
    Thank you for all of the fascinating information.
    I am enjoying your Blog-very informative and lots of fun to read!
    Sara Spengler-Campanella (nee Spengler)

    • Saartje said:

      Sara, Sorry it’s been a while, I’m just now checking back in on my blog. Thanks for the comment on William Stewart. We’re cousins! Did you see the post about Sterling Smith? http://www.44parkave.com/holdernewt/2012/11/we-remember-sterling-smith-1892-1898/ I have a baby picture of Doris and Gerald! https://goo.gl/photos/bo5j5ER2b8mLNYSv9 as well. Cheers~ – SKH

      • Sara Spengler-Campanella said:

        I just saw your reply-Clearly not quick on the draw here.
        That’s what I thought. My mom used to talk about her cousin “Woody” all the time and we even met once or twice-a long time ago. I think that was that your Dad?
        I knew Grandma had a brother, Sterling, who passed away, but mom thought it was from scarlet fever. Thank you so much for the information.
        We have the same picture of mom and Uncle “Tink “! One of our favorites.
        I sent the link to my brother, my son and my nephew because I know they would Find it fascinating.
        Happy July 4th!!

        • Sara,
          In gathering info for my DAR chapter’s 100th anniversary, I found an article on Ruth in a scrapbook (she was also a member of the chapter) I’ll send along to your email~

  6. Sherry Loflin said:

    Newt is also the kids name in Lonesome Dove. If I’m not mistaken, this phrase is used when the mule took off because of being spooked and she had a plow hooked to her. She was heading toward the garden and this would had destroyed the garden, where “hold her Newt she’s headed for the pea patch” ment dont let her get to the garden with that plow or it will be destroyed. The boy actually had to try to stop the spooked Mule for ruining the garden.

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