June 10th, 1918

The 2nd drive is now approaching the close – apparently. About ten miles more loss for the allies. The Browning gun and the aereoplane (sic) situation are beginning to loom up as encouraging possibilities.

Some 15 coastwise vessels have been sunk this first ten days of June by subs. So far no transports on this side.

The film “Gerard’s 4 Years in Germany”* is an accurate & powerful indictment of the Teutors or more properly the Prussian ideals – Cruelty rapacity & greed. Took Agnes Clark.

Arthur Brisbane in the June American calls attention to the 3 motivating influences in life

1 Instinct for self preservation

2 Instinct for reproduction

3 Instinct for power, betterment – ambition.

& dwells on the 3rd as the highest and most potent dynamic for the future man.

*”My Four Years In Germany”  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Four_Years_in_Germany

June 1918

Am taking a fresh start.

Having just finished “An American in the Making” by Ravage – a Roumanian jew who writes a strong account of his growth & final acceptance of the American plan. The startling part is the keenness & devotion of his people in the sweatshops to knowledge – classical, modern & more particularly radical theories of all sorts – which they are first to welcome. Nazinova – before she spoke Eng. etc. Ibsen – Shaw – are first read there – payed there & discussed. They remain exampled however thru sheer narrowness of their life & consequent outlook. Either socialists or anarchists – irreligious & therefore continually groping for the mirage of truth.

Am beginning Lord Morley’s “Recollections”

Saw Wm. Faversham – Maxine Elliot – Macklyn Arbuckle & Irene Fenwick in “Lord & Lady Algy” a week or so ago. Faversham especially is immense – perfect poise – strength – voiced – control insight – depth & virility.

Dad has found employment at DeLaval.

The aeroplane situation in U.S. is sustaining severe criticism as the results are nill.

Railroads are still congested (now in hands of U.S.) & motor trucks are being suggested to east the situation.

U-boats have appeared off Atlantic coast & sunk some 15 coastwise vessells (sic).

The Hun forte lately has been shelling Red Cross Hospitals & Hospital boats. Unfortunately (?) they mistook a prison camp for a camp recently & killed several of their countrymen – our prisoners.

Situation on Western front is tense but very quiet – unexpectedly so.